Robinhood crypto trading rises 75% in Nov, CEO tips ‘9 figures’ in revenue

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The trading platform posted a sharp rise in monthly crypto trading volumes in November, while CEO Vlad Tenev said he hopes to eventually reel in “nine figures” in annual revenue.

Crypto-friendly trading platform Robinhood has reported a 75% month-on-month increase in digital asset trading volume in November.

In an 8-K filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Dec.

The activity however equity trading volumes and options contracts traded were roughly flat in the same month compared to October.

The bumper month marks a reversal for Robinhood, which revealed a 55% decrease in cryptocurrency notional volumes over the year in its Q3 results filing.

As a result, its Q3 revenue came in below analyst estimates for the quarter at $467 million.

Robinhood’s 8-K report showing preliminary operating data for November 2023. Source: SEC

Robinhood could be eyeing a more profitable fourth quarter in light of the recent crypto market rally, which has seen total capitalization surge 40% to $1.6 trillion over the past two months.

Robinhood co-founder and CEO Vlad Tenev told investors in a November earnings call that the platform could eventually reel “nine figures” in annual revenue.

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