Cryptocurrency Turnkey Website / Store – Runs in Autopilot

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This is a fully responsive Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency related Website built with Wordpress. Has an admin panel to easily manage the website, add new content and can run in autopilot. Ads are automatically inserted and rotated inside the new content.

The owner can also run his own shop and accept paypal, bitcoin and altcoins.

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High Quality CryptoCurrency & BTC related WebSite
Automatically updated content

✓ Makes money from advertising and Affiliates.

✓ Once set, can run in autopilot : The Content is automatically updated and ads are automatically inserted in each page and post.

✓ Has an admin panel to easily manage every aspect of the website, add new content and functionalities.

✓ User friendly and has millions of free plugins and themes from WordPress community.

✓ Easy Backups. Every time you break something up, don’t worry, you can go back with a click.

✓ Setup to you hosting (optional)

✓ Mobile friendly and SEO optimized

User friendly admin panel

Live Customizer
Premium_btc_website Live

Responsive Design

Optional store

Can accept Bitcoin/paypal payments


Accept Altcoins and Other Cryptocurrencies and get paid to your own wallet

What’s included

  • Premium Quality Crypto and Bitcoin related website with Auto updated content
  • Ads rotator : Your ads are automatically added and rotated inside every page
  • Quality ebook : Ultimate Bitcoin Guide. Websites free giveaway to attract subscribers and followers
  • Optional Store to sell your own products (tangible or digital), accept Credit cards, Paypal and/or Bitcoin and Altcoins
  • Admin panel to easily manage and customize your website without programming skills
  • Easy and free to add Plugins, functionalities and different templates


You need :

  • Domain name
  • Web-Hosting

Web hosting from Hostgator is the best


Knowledge is power, here are my high quality Gifts to give you an extra boost

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Learn how to build a Mining Rig, the most officient way.

The Art of making Bitcoin

Learn all you need to know about BTC and Blockchain.

Advertizing Ads

You can run any type of Ads. Plus, Ads will be rotated for max profitability.

  • A-Ads : Pays in Bitcoin
  • Google adsense : The most famous
  • Amazon : Links from your Amazon affiliates

The list of main affiliates

Register your free account with each affiliate if you don’t already have one.

This list will be updated as more profitable affiliates are discovered
Other Affiliates can be added very easy

Installing the website

Step by step Installation Instructions PDF :
Download step by step Installation.pdf
The full setup process, login information and customization manuals are included in PDF format and provided with the delivery.

Need Full Setup ?

If you need the website to be installed for you, please check the include Setup Checkbox.

Provide your hosting information when you checkout.

  • Domain name :
  • Hosting login URL :
  • User :
  • Pass :

 Need Help ?

If you have any question or query please contact us Here or via the email available in the instructions.pdf file provided with your purchase. I would be happy to help.


Download link is available after you order.

The product will be installed for you, if you included Setup.


How do I make money with this website ?

You make money from affiliates and Ads. After the website is installed, You will replace the affiliate links and Ads with your own. You’ll receive the list of affiliates that you need to register with.

Is domain name and hosting included ?

Domain and hosting are not included. If you have no domain and hosting you can pickup one at Hostgator

Can I sell my own items with this website ?

Yes you can sell your own Tangible and Digital products and accepte Credit Cards, Paypal, Bitcoin and Altcoins.

Can I resell this website ?

Yes, you have full ownership and can resell on flippa or ebay…

Product review
  • Responsive
  • SEO Optimized
  • User Friendly
  • Support


Responsive Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency related Website built with WordPress, has an admin panel to easily manage the website.

The Website can run in autopilot and pulls new content automatically from related feeds then inserts Owners Ads inside the new content.

The owner can also run his own shop and accept paypal, bitcoin and altcoins.

Perfect solution to get into crytpo business quickly and professionally.


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