DePINs and AI positioned to be 2024 ‘power duo,’ DeFi execs predict

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DePIN and AI technologies have been hailed as game changers across various global industries, and DeFi executives are predicting that together, they’ll be this year’s “power duo.”

In 2023, decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs) started gaining traction with major manufacturers worldwide to integrate physical world infrastructure with blockchain technology. 

DePINs are blockchain protocols that use cryptocurrency tokens to incentivize the creation and operation of physical infrastructure in a decentralized manner. It is increasingly associated with the Internet of Things (IoT).

According to data from digital asset marketing intelligence firm Messari, the DePIN market has a current valuation of nearly $2.2 trillion, with a trajectory that could see it reach up to $3.5 trillion in the next four years.

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